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This is a small business dedicated to making equally small and friendly websites for personal use, for instance blog sites, and also business use. This could be anything from selling hats to photography. Or even a hobby site, like archery . Of course wordpress sites are a common request, and we can make one from scratch , move one that already exists over to our hosting platform, or make adjustments to one that already exists.


Don't worry if you dont know what this means! Hosting is basically where the website lives, and 99% of the time that is in the cloud. We use Digital Ocean as our hosting platform, which has a lot of benefits and is explained in more detail here .

Our Services

The field of web development is pretty large, and can be very confusing if you're not that technical , which makes choosing a website for your business even more of a headache. To help matters along we have listed all the different types of work we do, starting with the most common requests , and going onto more technical types of work

  • Personal / Business website (wordpress or bespoke)
  • Moving a site to a different server
  • Hosting a website that already exists
  • E-commerce site using wordpress
  • Laravel / Vue websites for e-commerce or more complex server side cases

Obviously we can accomodate other requests to do with web development and dev ops, please get in touch !

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