About Me

My name is Anthony Croshaw, and I have lived in Fair Oak for nearly a decade. I started out in web development 20 years ago when I was made redundant from my job as an Electronic Engineer, and for a few years ran my own business making small, simple websites for local businesses in Wales where I lived at the time. Eventually I went back to full time work as a field service engineer , but I always kept up my interest in web design.

In 2014 a brain tumour nearly killed me , and as part of my recovery, and to help with my memory issues which were quite severe initially , I started coding again. I found that much had changed in the web development world, mostly for the better, although the vast amount of choice now available made choosing a language or framework quite difficult . Back in the 90’s there were only a few choices, now there are literally hundreds of ways to make the same site!

Eventually I started to use WordPress, and settled on PHP, WordPress , Laravel and Vue Js as my languages and frameworks of choice. I mostly code to keep my brain ticking over, and because I enjoy it. I have a flexible Digital Ocean server which I use for hosting, and am also interested in tech of all sorts, although I seem to have settled in the Apple ecosystem this year as it is very developer friendly.