Vue Router

Posted by on 11.24.21 in Web Development

Just using Vue 3 on it’s own , you can accomplish a great deal. But as with all frameworks, some tasks are just so common and repetitive that libraries have sprung up to make them easier to do. One of these tasks is Routing, which you can do without using Vue Router, but it is […]

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What is Docker?

Posted by on 5.5.21 in Web Development

For a long time I avoided Docker, even though it popped up a lot in tutorials and blog posts about web development. I had a vague understanding of it, but I preferred to use VMs (Virtual Machines) like Virtual Box. Eventually I noticed that Laravel had started to use Docker as it’s recommended way of […]

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Vue 3 Slots

Posted by on 3.27.21 in Uncategorized

Slots are a little bit similar to Props, but they solve a different problem. They are used when you want to use your own component as a wrapper around dynamic content. Instead of passing data, like props, from the parent to the child component, you are passing html content. You could of course try this […]

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WordPress Migration – Broken Image Links

Posted by on 3.22.21 in Web Development

This will be a short post, just wanted to highlight an issue I faced last week with a WordPress migration. This is when you move a WordPress site over to a new server. There are several different ways of doing this, and also some plugins that work quite well. One to consider is Updraft, which […]

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Framework or CMS?

Posted by on 3.11.21 in Web Development

One of the many confusing things to get your head around when you enter the changing world of web development is this – what is a framework and/or a CMS? Here I will briefly summarise the differences, and also attempt to clarify when you should use them, or if you need to use them at […]

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What is an SPA?

Posted by on 3.2.21 in Web Development

SPA stands for Single Page Application. You have probably used one today!. This is a relatively new concept but one that is gaining rapid traction in the world of Web development. An SPA uses one web page, which is usually relatively simple in structure, and this page holds a dynamic framework which actually provides all […]

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Custom WordPress Themes

Posted by on 2.22.21 in Uncategorized

WordPress out of the box comes with access to literally thousands of themes, so you would think it would be relatively easy to find one that suits your site? Yes and no. If your needs are simple, say a basic blog site, then there are indeed dozens of free themes within days reach that will […]

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What is JSON?

Posted by on 1.24.21 in Web Development

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube tutorial or gone through a Udemy course on WordPress or Javascript, this acronym will definitely have popped up. However it is one of this terms that people just expect you to know what it is, and even though I have gone through hundreds of hours of web tutorials and […]

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M1 Macbook Pro Review

Posted by on 1.7.21 in Tech

Those in the tech industry have been eagerly awaiting Apple’s long rumoured, and finally announced, switch from Intel processors to their own in house chips, Apple Silicon. For those not versed in the ways of processors , it might be hard to see any difference between this machine and it’s Intel based predecessor . This […]

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A Word About WordPress

Posted by on 1.1.21 in Web Development

For those who have never had their own site before, the whole process can be overwhelming. There are so many terms flung around that web developers and designers use every day which are incomprehensible to non technical people. One of those is WordPress. What exactly is it?  Well it is the most popular Content Management […]

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