New Year, New Website

So in 2020 I was running a Laravel website for most of the year as that was my framework of choice. However I have now switched over to WordPress, and this site has been built from scratch for 2021, when I hope to start doing more and more WordPress work.

While Laravel is an amazing framework, and I love working with it, its use case is more for medium to larger sites with complex business logic. This is not the sort of site I am planning to work on , so I feel WordPress is a better fit. Since I have started working with it more I have realised how flexible it can be, and although the code is not as elegant as it is in Laravel, getting a site up and running is quicker and easier. I also find it easier to deploy on the remote server, so although I will continue to fiddle around with Laravel I shall be pushing WordPress sites to new clients.

A Covid 19 Year

I had a dose of Covid in March 2020, which I caught in France during a work visit. I ended up in hospital with pneumonia and had to go on oxygen and antibiotics. In retrospect I was lucky, the hospital was quiet at that point, as it was well before the peak of the first wave. I also didn’t suffer at all from long covid, which looks pretty awful. Five weeks later I was able to start running again, so although it was deeply unpleasant it could have been a lot worse.

The rest of the year was also dominated by Covid , I was furloughed for 12 weeks, which was quite nice while the weather was good. But lots of businesses suffered, and it is still going on as I write this. Let’s hope 2021 is better, it can’t be much worse.

A tech swapping Year

I think I may have changed phones, tablets and laptops more than three times over the course of 2020. Just as soon as I got settled with a new phone or laptop, something new and better came out. This was very annoying, and quite expensive. I did however get to play with almost all the new tech that came out in 2020, and in the end I settled on the Apple ecosystem . My New Years resolution is to stick with the tech I have for an entire year, lets see how that goes !