WordPress Migration – Broken Image Links

Posted by on 3.22.21 in Web Development

This will be a short post, just wanted to highlight an issue I faced last week with a WordPress migration. This is when you move a WordPress site over to a new server. There are several different ways of doing this, and also some plugins that work quite well. One to consider is Updraft, which […]

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Custom WordPress Themes

Posted by on 2.22.21 in Uncategorized

WordPress out of the box comes with access to literally thousands of themes, so you would think it would be relatively easy to find one that suits your site? Yes and no. If your needs are simple, say a basic blog site, then there are indeed dozens of free themes within days reach that will […]

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What is JSON?

Posted by on 1.24.21 in Web Development

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube tutorial or gone through a Udemy course on WordPress or Javascript, this acronym will definitely have popped up. However it is one of this terms that people just expect you to know what it is, and even though I have gone through hundreds of hours of web tutorials and […]

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